The Dutch World Bikes-method

Dutch World Bikes now has a large number of quality bikes in stock. But with the name 'quality bikes', we are actually doing them a disservice. These are vintage Dutch bicycles, built between the 50s and 70s. Steel 'hores' like these are not made anymore. They have character and life experience. Whatever way you look at it, this is Dutch heritage that we should cherish. Heritage in beautiful colours and with sublime striping.

This is what we do.

You can read below what Dutch World Bikes is doing to keep these bikes from the past fit for the future.

  1. The bicycle will be stripped and all the parts that are still usable will be overhauled.
  2. The frame, the front fork, (usually) the mudguards and any other painted parts retain their original paint and striping.
  3. These parts are treated with a rust inhibitor and then sprayed with a clear two-component paint to capture the old glory under a strong gloss layer!
  4. De wielen worden opnieuw gespaakt met Sapim spaken en messing spaaknippels.
  5. The rear wheel gets a new hub. Options include: a Sturmey Archer Duomatic, a Sturmey Archer three- or five-speed hub or the Zehus electric pedal-assisting hub.
  6. The bike is assembled with stainless steel fasteners and eventual brass trims.
  7. Optioneel kan de fiets ook gepersonaliseerd worden. Met je eigen naam of bedrijfsnaam.

Als de fiets klaar is, is het geen fiets meer. Het is een waar rijwiel dat nog heel lang meegaat. En daarom is de menselijke factor ook belangrijk voor ons. Dus heb jij specifieke wensen over hoe jouw persoonlijke Dutch World Bike eruit moet komen te zien? Laat het ons dan weten en wij maken jouw vintage rijwieldroom werkelijkheid.