This is why you choose Dutch World Bikes.

A bike with a life, for life. We give Dutch vintage bicycles from the 1940s, 50s and 60s a new life by completely restoring them to their glory and equipping them with an electrical system. No cheap junk, but rock-solid bicycles which will last a long time. 

On a bicycle from Dutch World Bikes you cycle almost invisible electrically. No cables, battery, or display in sight and the system is almost silent. When your battery is empty, you can continue cycling without any resistance.

Dutch heritage that we must

The e-bikes cannot be towed. The offer comes from everywhere and often the quality leaves much to be desired. Batteries break down quickly and replacement is often not an option. Neither is cycling on the very heavy vehicle that remains. So both the bicycle and masses of batteries end up in the scrap heap. Dutch World Bikes has an answer. We collect old, worn-out bicycles from renowned brands such as Gazelle, Batavus, Empo and Juncker and convert them into electric urban lifestyle bicycles that meet all the requirements of our time.

Have your own bike

Do you have a bicycle that is very dear to you and that you cannot say goodbye to? Feel free to contact us and we will turn it into a bicycle that you will never have to part with.

When the bike is ready, it won't be a bike anymore. It's a true bicycle that will last a lifetime. And that's why the human factor is important to us. So do you have any specific wishes about what your personal Dutch World Bike should look like? Let us know and we will make your vintage bicycle dream come true.