An innovative, ingenious system from Zehus.

The E-bikes from Dutch World Bikes are equipped with a Zehus electrical system. This is an almost invisible all-in-one motor hub of 250 W with integrated battery, electronics and motor.

The system is wireless and 100% modular. You hardly see that you are riding a real E-bike! This is one of the reasons why this system is extremely suitable for our bicycles. 

The Zehus system is unique in its kind and also regenerative. You can choose from various modes. Eco, turbo and turbo custom. In the latter mode, the battery charges while you are cycling or braking. This saves you energy and you have more reach. The range depends on the "conditions". Rider weight, headwind, hills, tire pressure. Range is between 30 and 65 km. 

The system is also equipped with an electronic brake with alarm. Check the Zehus website for more information. Zehus voor nog meer informatie.

Remote control and handige app.

An option for our E-bikes is a wireless remote control with, among other things, a turbo boost button. A very light and small remote control that you click on the handlebar.

Switch between different modes of assistance levels while cycling. The remote control is connected to the electric hub via Blue tooth. Very handy!

You press the Turbo Boost setting to activate the maximum torque of the motor (40 Nm). Very useful when going uphill and wind from the front.

There is also a handy app available for your mobile phone. Here settings can be adjusted via a Bluetooth connection. For example the motor support levels and locking and unlocking of your bike. And are you not yet in possession of a mobile phone? No problem! Then it is still possible to use the Zehus system. Check de website van Zehus voor nog meer informatie.