Gazelle sport C – Electric

Gazelle Sport C Retro ebike

About this bicycle

With this electric Dutch World Bike you can easily compete with amateur cyclists! It looks fast and it is. Electrically fast even. The Zehus rear hub provides constant pedal assistance up to 25 km / h. No cables, batteries or other electrical stuff. Everything is hidden in the rear hub. With back pedaling you brake the bike and the hidden battery is charged. If you hang the bike on the power at night, you will have at least 35 km pedal assistance the next day. In addition, the Zehus hub is almost silent. And do you not know where your bike has gone? Then the GPS system will find it.

Technical information


Gazelle Sport C


Black&White Electric

Construction year


Wheel size


Rear hub

Zehus electric All-in-one


Black-broken white


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