Gazelle Sport C - Red baron

Merk: Gazelle Sport C

Type: Red baron

Achternaaf: 2 versnellingen Duomatic

Wielmaat: 26 x1 3/8

Bouwjaar: 1964

Kleur: Bordeaux rood

Prijs: 1.580,- euro

Electrische naaf en bagagedrager optioneel

We discovered this pearl by chance in one of the stables of a noble family somewhere in Gelderland.

This Red Baron is an absolute eye-catcher. Just look at the typical front fork, a striking piece of design, specific for that time. The "jump" in the front fork of this type ensures that you move yourself like a king!

Oh! There is also a women's version of this model waiting to become a Dutch World Bike!