With the demand for e-bikes increasing in an overwhelming pace, the supply comes from everywhere. Often, the quality leaves something to be desired. Batteries break quickly and replacement is often not an option. The same goes for cycling on the heavy vehicle that remains. So both the bicycle and loads of batteries end up on the scrap yard.

Dutch World Bikes has an answer. The company collects old, worn-out bicycles from famous brands such as Gazelle, Batavus, Empo and Juncker and converts them into electric urban lifestyle bicycles that meet all modern requirements.

It seems as if they have just come rolling out of the bicycle factory of the past, but these bicycles are hypermodern under the skin. For instance, the front and rear hub, the handlebar, the stem, the seat post and the saddle. But the real character parts, the frame, the front fork, the fenders and the bracket parts, remain original. Because those tell the story of a bicycle.

The bikes themselves are reused, but the new parts also have a sustainable advantage. For example, the new electric hub only has 3 batteries, and also last much longer.

With this approach, Dutch World Bikes gives a new meaning to recycling.