Gazelle Sport - Grey Lady

Brand: Gazelle Sport

Type: Grey Lady

Rear hub: Freewheel

Wheel size: 28

Construction year: 1954

Colour: Grey


Particular: Drum brakes with brake rods

Sometimes you don't want to change too much. Certainly not at a lady! This was not necessary with this Gazelle Ladies Sport either. Almost everything is still original. But of course we have done the necessary to bring the bike in high condition. The wheels have been re-spoked and fitted with new tires inside and outside. In addition, we installed a new chain and a beautiful Brooks saddle. All painted parts are treated with a rust stopper and sprayed in a two-component clear coat. The original chrome work is in perfect condition. Entirely in accordance with the Dutch World Bike tradition, this Gazelle is also equipped with a retro chain guard and brass trim parts. The year of construction is 1954 but this will certainly last until 2054. Maybe until 2154!