Gazelle Sport - Black Windmill

Brand: Gazelle Sport C

Type: Black windmill

Rear hub: 2 versnellingen Duomatic

Wheel size: 28 x1 1/2

Construction year: 1954

Colour: Zwart


This robust Gazelle has served for years as a workhorse for a miller in Deurne. The wear spots of the flour bags can still be seen on the rear fender. The frame, front fork, fenders, rims, and bracket and steering head parts are original. Furthermore, this workhorse is made up of only black elements.

Help us! This bike has been stolen!
Terrible news: this bike was recently stolen from its new owner. So if you come across this Gazelle somewhere or it is offered for sale, please contact 06-53 85 67 92. For the golden tip we offer you € 200.- finder's fee!