Gazelle Sport A Electric - Butter Lady

Brand: Gazelle Sport A Electric

Type: Butter

Rear hub: Zehus electric All-in-one+

Wheel size: 26"

Bouwjaar: 1965

Kleur: Black-butter white

Prijs: 2.750,- euro

Luggage carrier optiona 55 euro

A beautiful bike for the ladies. And also completely electric! Support up to 25 km / h. But even without support, it runs like a normal bicycle. Battery empty? no problem. Then you have a 'normal' bicycle that hardly weights more than a normal bicycle. With an empty battery, the electric hub is simply a hub with a free wheel. Handy right? And Butter Lady? From 1965, this Gazelle was owned by a lady who made butter and cheese from dairy products. And ... the off-white of the Gazelle has a beautiful 'butter color'. one thing is certain ... you can and want to be seen with this bike.