The bikes

Check out our small stock of ready-made Dutch World Bikes. Each with its own character and its own story.

Coming soon …
On the page in the making you will discover which models are ready to start a new life as a Dutch World Bike. The frame, the front fork and the mudguards of these bikes will already be treated with a rust inhibitor and coated with a clear two-component paint. After that we continue to build the bike. Of course, we'd be happy to take your specific wishes into account.

A few of the options
Do you want luxury and comfort? Then choose a vintage E-bike. Are the two gears of a duomatic enough for you or perhaps you'd prefer three or five gears? Finally, we'd also like to take into account your preference for a specific handlebar or saddle

More information?
Feel free to give us a (bicycle) bell for more information: 06-53 85 67 92.

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