In the making

Bicycles are plentiful. Especially in the Netherlands. But for the real gems we travel far and wide. If we spot a bike with a good brand, with a construction year between the 1950s and 1970s and it has the right colour and the most beautiful striping? Then it doesn't matter whether the bike is down in Limburg or up in Groningen. Whether it's day or night. Or if we need to beg on our knees. We're going after it. The condition of the bike is hardly important. As long as the frame is solid and the brand and type meet the requirements of Dutch World Bikes. Because in the end the bike turns into a bicycle, and the cyclist into a bicyclist!

Save your own bike!
Do you have a bike that is very dear to you and which you don't want to say goodbye to? Feel free to contact us and we'll turn it into a bicycle that you'll never have to give up again.

Click on the pictures below for some rough diamonds.