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Dutch World Bikes

A bike with a life, for life. You'll find that in a Dutch World Bike. We give Dutch vintage bikes from the 50's and 60's a new lease of life. We convert surviving bicycles from illustrious brands such as Gazelle, Batavus, Empo and Juncker into urban lifestyle bicycles that meet all the requirements of the present day. Unmistakable and indestructible.

Bicycles with life experience
The build quality of Dutch bicycles from those days is unparalleled. We love these classics at Dutch World Bikes. Because they've been through quite a bit by now. They were used for cycling, but were also thrown away. They've been cursed at and they've been cherished too. They have defied the wind and bad weather. And after their active service they often stood in a barn for years, fighting against the ravages of time.

Life signs
A Dutch World Bike is a bicycle with a backstory. The paint and any damage is not be removed, but will be preserved. They're signs of years of service. And such stories should, no must be told.

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